The Deal With Drugs

25/02/2013 07:56


Marijuana. Cannabis. Weed. Pot.

Call it whatever you want – but I think everyone is on the same page.

Let me begin with a statistic: In America, a study showed that 42% of people have tried Marijuana at least once. Why would so many people want to try it? Because it is rebellious. It is naughty. It is against the rules. And people don’t want to play by the rules. There is a certain excitement and adrenalin rush connected with the prospect of getting caught. This goes very deep into the human psyche, so I shall not get into that too much right now. However, the fact of the matter is that people want to rebel. People want to risk getting caught.

It seems to be the “trend” lately to legalize Marijuana. Colorado. Washington. Netherlands in North Korea (That one doesn’t come as much of a surprise though) Their main reasoning for this is that it will eliminate illegal trade and associated crime, yield a valuable tax-source and reduce policing costs. They would never say it formally or directly, but legalizing Marijuana also rips away the rebel association. If it is legal and anyone can do it, it doesn’t make one so “hardcore” anymore. It doesn’t make you that “outcast” who doesn’t care about getting caught or what people think. With that element gone, it doesn’t seem so special anymore, does it? In the same breath, is this really a good idea or influence for future generations? By legalizing weed, are we stating that it is acceptable to do and there are no consequences?

“Medicinal Marijuana” is also legal in certain countries – if one is fatally ill it supposedly helps to ease pain. A problem with this is that many people pretend to be ill so as to be granted legal access to Marijuana. Some people even go so far as to deliberately make themselves ill. Couldn’t this be eradicated if it was legal anyway, then there would be no lies, trickery or crime? Again, it would also lose its rebellious appeal. 

On the other side of the fence, there would always be complications and implications with such a drastic legalization. We would have problems with drug abuse, over-usage, and the general intelligence of the nation (disagree with me if you will, but studies have shown that weed highly diminishes intelligence, quick-thinking and reflex speed) Also, obviously, we do not want our children to be exposed to the freedom of being able to take drugs at any given moment. As harsh as it is, our kids our highly likely going to try drugs at some point in their lives, whether we like it or not (Or know it or not) The only difference being that we would know about it if weed was legal, and they could tell us without it being a massive illegal secret. As a wise man once said, “Ignorance is bliss”.

 If it was legalized, they would be able to see for themselves if it is cool or not (Which would hopefully be the latter) as anyone can do it. I personally would hate the thought of my child smoking cannabis, and am really in two minds about this whole thing going on in the world right now. I would hate the thought of them doing it behind my back, but I would equally hate it if they had to tell me they had tried it, if it was legal. It is a tough call, and could be debated until the sun dies out.

I am not picking one side of the fence just yet, as you can see. I am equally debating both sides and giving reasons as to why each one could work, and where the flaws would be.

What is YOUR opinion on this? Share with me your views and let me know what you all think!

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