Margaret Thatcher: Iron Heart, Iron Lady

12/04/2013 09:21


#nowthatchersdead. Or, #NowThatchersDead, as opposed to #NowThatChersDead (As has caused much uproar amongst twittering Cher worshippers.)



Margaret Thatcher died on the 8th of April 2013. She was a British Conservative Party Politician, and the first female Prime Minister, leading the Brits for a solid 11 ½ years – which is also the longest time served by any Prime Minister in the entire 20th century (longer than any male Prime Minister) serving three terms. Girl power for the win.


It came to my attention shortly after her death, that celebration is in fact taking place by many, from rioters in England to our beloved ANC. Her death, to many people, is a victory in the fight against racism. Other people think her views and policies damaged economy instead of improving it. No matter the case, I do not believe that her death is reason to be celebrated. Her entire life and everything she achieved and accomplished in it, and how she changed our future, should be celebrated. Some of the privileges and rights we enjoy today are thanks to Mrs. Thatcher.



Margaret made history in so many ways, including changing the future for women. She proved to chauvinistic leaders worldwide that a woman can be in charge of a country, and even last longer than a man. She brought Britain out of a its dying state in the late 70’s and changed its future forever. The UK was living in the midst of a nightmare, overwhelmed with inflation, budget deficits and general economic and industrial strain.


Thatcher brought an end to the horrifying cold war. Along with President Reagan, she installed cruise missiles in Europe. Her hard work brought an end to the communist Soviet Union. She also won the Falklands war in 1982, saving Britain from invasion and military dictatorship. This is the origin of her nickname, “The Iron Lady”, owing to her strength and ability to never give up and to fight for what is right. She fought for capitalism, and is even responsible for the socialist labour party having to reinvent themselves, now under the name of “New Labour”, and they still live under her policies today. The White House has released a statement, reading: “The world has lost one of the great champions of freedom and liberty, and American has lost a true friend.”



She has left an undeniably powerful and strong legacy, and her achievements and accomplishments cannot be denied. She broke barriers, went beyond boundaries, was not afraid to voice her opinion (Even with the knowledge that she would be hated and opposed for certain things) and was respected for this. She proved to the world that a womans job is not to stand in the kitchen her whole life, or the laundry room, but to do whatever she wants to, even fulfill a “man’s position” – and even improve upon it. She made history. She changed the world, and deserves a little bit or recognition for that. She molded the earth into the shape it is today, with her iron fist, and her iron heart. The only celebration taking place should be to praise her for all she did in her life. Fare thee well, Iron Lady. Thou shalt be greatly missed.


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