Look Up To The Children

07/06/2013 14:52


Unfortunately today’s rant is not going to be all that entertaining, today’s topic is a pretty serious one. I am an avid newsreader. I read the news at least twice a day without fail – in the early morning and late afternoon. This often constitutes my anger at the world and hating living on this Goddamn planet – but I would rather be aware of what is going on than live in denial, pretending that we live in Oz and everything is pretty and perfect and lovely, and unicorns are prancing around at every nook and cranny. There were no unicorns when British Father, Julian, slit the throats of his two children over a custody battle. There were no unicorns when Carla, 5, and Matthew, 10, felt the cold blade move over their throats and watch their blood leave their body as they take their last breaths. 

My heart sank into my stomach as I read this story, breaking at the loss of such innocence. Children are one of the only true forms of innocence that exists in humankind, and you go and slit their throats because of shit you are going through? Fuck you. As if divorce and custody battles do not place enough stress on these young lives, let’s just go ahead and put them through the most physical pain they have ever experienced and then leave them to die. Guess it was a case of “If I can’t have them, no one can”.

It is very frustrating to me that we live in a world where the only thing children have to look up to is adults - filthy, conniving, sinning, ugly old adults. The real role models of this world should be our children; the ones who have not been exposed to evil, hurt, temptation or anger - the ones who the world has not chewed up, devoured and spat out like a rotten piece of fish that you couldn’t swallow. 

We need to strive to be like them. A child would not want to kill anyone – they know no hate. A child would not want to say words to hurt someone’s feelings – they do not see the need for this. All a child wants is to have fun and be happy, make others happy, and give love and in turn receive it back. It horrifies me when I hear a child say that they can’t wait to be “all grown up”. Please sweetheart, enjoy this innocence. Enjoy it while it lasts – before the real world sucks you in without hope of escape.

If anyone offered me the opportunity to be a child again, and never grow up, I would take it immediately without hesitation. The adult world is a disgusting piece of trash that I am often ashamed to be a part of. Backstabbers (literally and figuratively) Murderers, abusers, adulterers, pedophiles, thieves – the list is endless. I always wonder – how is it possible that a living organism breathing the same air as me, with the same insides and body parts, could perform such acts of horror? I fail to understand this, and it is painful and frustrating.

Stop wanting to hurt people, act selfish, beat one another, kill one another - and most importantly, stop bringing harm to the one thing that is innocent and we have to look up to. We are supposed to be the responsible ones. How can a child grow up wise and good if this is the sort of thing that they are looking up to? We can learn something from children – I hope people hear this and think carefully about how they act in future. If you want to do something you know would be bad, ask yourself beforehand…what would a child do?

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