How To Catch A Serial Killer

26/04/2013 14:17


Carl Mischke: The 9th victim in the chain of “gay serial killings”. First of all, this title is not only ambiguous, but also pretty demeaning. Let’s rather say 9th victim in chain of serial killings. Anyway. The purpose of this article is to raise awareness to the possible culprit behind these brutal murders and his origin.

Not many people know about this, because it is quite an “underground” thing, but there is a smartphone based chat application in existence called “Grindr”. (I know of it as I have many gay buddies) Grindr is basically like MXIT for gay people. One can go online, find people close to one’s area, and meet up for a good time - something straight people do everyday in chat-rooms, except this is exclusively designed for the gay community.The consequences are the same either way.

So my theory is that there is some sort of homophobic-asshole-douchebag that has found a perfect means of getting gay men to let him into their home. He pretends to be gay on Grindr, flirts with a guy and gets his charm on, agrees to come to his house to meet up for a good time, and boom. Access granted. Lure into bed, kill. Job done. Of course, this murderer may not even be homophobic; it could just be an old school serial killer that has found the perfect way of being granted access into people’s homes. Gay, straight, up, down or sideways. Whatever the case, this person needs to be stopped, and I am almost 100% certain that Grindr is the answer to solving this mystery.

The problem is that the media and police force would not know of Grindr. It is not a popularized application like MXIT. If the police could just look into it, check out the history of the program and any suspicious activity (including the victims records on the programs history) Find out who they last chatted to on Grindr before they died – and there’s your serial killer. I could be wrong of course, but it seems to me very plausible. Why else would there be no signs of forced entry with the victims? The only reason they would willingly let this person into their homes is if they had planned it, OR they knew them in the first place, however it is highly unlikely that every victim is acquainted with the same killer-guy, the gay community is not THAT small.

If it is the case though, and these things are happening through Grindr - First thing would be to catch the bastard of course - but otherwise, if you are chatting to someone online and you want to meet them in person, do NOT meet for the first time INSIDE YOUR HOME! This is asking for trouble. If you are meeting for the first time, meet in a public space surrounded by other people for safety. Check them out, see what they’re all about, check out their Facebook page (How many friends they have, how loved they are from their wall posts etc) And once you have thorough confirmation that they are indeed normal and undisturbed human beings, you can BEGIN to consider inviting them into your home. It may seem like an irritating process, but wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? I’m sure Carl Mischke would have.

I am not directly blaming Grindr in any way – it is the choice and responsibility of the person using a chat-room to be wise and not make stupid mistakes. It’s not up to grinder to tell you what to do (even though they would of course tell you to be careful etc) they are offering you a service, it’s your choice to take it or not, and if you want to be irresponsible it’s your choice. All I’m saying is, if investigating the users of this application could catch a serial killer and prevent more murders, then I think it’s pretty much non-negotiable.

And the same goes for ANY chat-room, not just a gay one. Play it safe. Policemen reading this – please. Investigate the user history of Grindr. Spread the word people. Do it. My condolences to every last victim of this case, and their families – we will find him. We will find him.

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